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What's On

Breaking of Bread service: Sunday 3pm

Bible Class: Thursday 8pm (on zoom)

Bible Hour 

Sunday 5 - 6pm, God willing

at the Christadelphian Hall, Creswell Road, Clowne S43 4LS.  


5th March:  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Fact or Fiction?

12th March:  Why does God allow suffering?

19th March:  Why the flood came - A Warning for our world

26th March:  Why do Christians partake of Bread and Wine?

2nd April:  Why does the Birth of Jesus still matter?

9th April:  Do Christians need priests?

16th April:  The truth about Life after Death

23rd April:  What did Jesus teach?

30th April:  Are science and belief in God compatible?

All Welcome

For further information email us at: [email protected]

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