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Online events 2021

Summer programme:  every Monday at 8pm

 7 June:  The Gospel in simple Terms

 14 June:   Introducing Jesus in simple terms 

 21 June:  The Gospel in simple Terms: The Kingdom of God

 28 June:  The forgiveness of sins in simple terms

 5 July:  Life after death: The Bible Truth

 12 July:  No-one will go to heaven

 19 July:  How God reveals himself through other beings

 26 July:  No-one has seen God

 2 August:  Jesus is not God: Jesus was really tempted

 9 August:  Jesus is not God: The big distinction

 16 August:   Jesus is not God: The Word of God

 23 August:   Jesus is not God: The image of God

 30 August:  The Trouble with the Trinity

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Other presentations on Bible subjects - available to watch anytime

Why Believe?

In God, Jesus and the Bible?

A series of 12 videos which attempt to broaden your knowledge and understanding as to why there has to be a creator God who is in control and has a plan and purpose for the earth. 

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God's work in Creation

A 2 part video illustrated by superb pictures presenting the evidence of design to support the existence of an almighty creator.  

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Learn to Read the Bible Effectively 

This series of short videos will help you to appreciate the Bible Message and learn how to get the most out of your reading. Watch the videos anytime and at your own pace.

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