Clowne Christadelphians

  • Breaking of Bread service: Sunday 3.30 - 5pm
  • Sunday Bible Talk: 6-7pm    - see below for subjects
  • Bible Class: Thursday 8-9pm

Sunday evening Bible Talks 6-7pm

God willing


Christadelphian Hall, Creswell Road,

Clowne S43 4LS

October 2019

 6th   Bible teaching about demons and spi​rits
13th  Stress Relief - the Bible Way
20th  World history shown by Daniel
27th  Bible teaching on Creation​

November 2019

3rd    You can't be a part time Christian
10th  Why are there so many churches
17th  In the Father's footsteps
24th  Why we believe in the Hope of Israel

December 2019

1st    Bible teaching about Holy Spirit Gifts

8th    Are the morals of the Bible still relevant today?

15th  Will your soul live forever?

22nd  World peace - fantasy or reality?