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What's On

Breaking of Bread service: Sunday 3pm

Bible Class: Thursday 8pm (on zoom)

Bible Hour 

Sunday 5 - 6pm, God willing

at the Christadelphian Hall, Creswell Road, Clowne S43 4LS.  

7th August:  Can mankind save himself?

14th August:  Jerusalem - capital of Israel, Palestine or the world?

21st August:  Mental illness and the Bible

28th August:  Bible Truth about saints and angels

4th September:  Jesus is coming - are you ready?

11th September:  The meek shall inherit the earth

18th September:  Pandemics in the purpose of God

25th September:  Does it matter what we believe? 

All Welcome

If attending in person it would be appreciated if you would wear a face covering. Thank you.

For further information email us at: [email protected]

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